UV printing on wood

Our offer also includes UV printing on wood.

This method consists in applying a liquid polymer to the surface of the wood, which is exposed to direct ultraviolet rays, which causes the print to harden, creating a thin layer of durable plastic on the surface of the wood. We offer full color printing (CMYK), we also print in white. UV printed wood is ideal for further processing such as cutting and sanding. The print on wood must also be covered with a colorless varnish (matt or glossy), which protects the print from mechanical damage.

What do we print on?

We print on wood, plywood, osb, mdf.

What do we print?

In principle, everything - it does not matter to us whether it is graphics or a high-resolution photo - we are able to print everything in photographic quality.

drukowanie na drewniedrukowanie uv drewnodruk uv

Advantages of UV printing on wood?
UV printing on wood has the following advantages:

  • the print is durable, scratch-resistant, does not crack,
  • they retain sharpness, clarity, good resolution
  • layers of color fix with UV rays in a few seconds
  • it can be wiped with a damp cloth
  • colors are vivid, intense, saturated, faithfully reproduced for a long time,
  • the print is ecological,
  • the product is practically ready for use after being removed from the machines

Examples of UV printing on wood and plywood

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