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Our offer includes counters made of wood - we make them of various sizes, colors, etc. Everything depends on the individual needs of the customer. Large, colorful and easy to manipulate mathematical numerals made of wood are a great material for counting. By presenting specific numerical examples on mathematical counters in the form of pictures, children will be happy to recalculate, group and sign with numerical tables.

Mathematical counters - ideal for kindergartens, schools - for learning

Mathematical counters made of wood are a popular educational tool used in schools and kindergartens around the world. They are especially useful for preschool and early school children who are learning basic math operations and need visual support.

The production of math books from wood usually starts with raw, natural wooden blocks. These pads are precision cut and sanded to give a smooth and even surface. They are then varnished or painted to give a colorful, aesthetic finish. It is also possible to use other painting techniques, such as printing or sticking stickers with numbers or mathematical signs.

After painting, the blocks are usually assembled into sets or arrangements to create various patterns and math problems. There are many different patterns and layouts that can be created from wooden math counting cards, depending on the difficulty level and learning needs of the students.

Accuracy and precision are important in the production of wooden math tables. The blocks must be properly sized and even so that they can be easily arranged in various patterns. It is also important that the colored finish is durable and resistant to abrasion, so that the counters are durable and can be used for many years.

Wooden mathematical counters are environmentally friendly and safe for children. Wood is a natural material that is easy to process and can be reused. In addition, wooden counters have no sharp edges or parts that could pose a danger to children.

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