Wooden puzzle on plywood

Welcome to our fascinating world of puzzles, where imagination meets the unparalleled precision of UV printing on plywood and the nobility of laser cutting. It is here that we create puzzles that not only delight with their beauty, but also bring joy and satisfaction to your life.

UV printing on plywood - The quintessence of colors

Our UV printing process on plywood is art in its purest form. With state-of-the-art technology and a passion for detail, we transform ordinary puzzle pieces into a joyful color palette. Each element is printed with attention to the smallest detail to make your puzzle a work of art that pleases the eye and soul.

Laser Cutting - Perfection in Detail

Each piece of our puzzles is created with love and precision thanks to laser cutting technology. Thanks to this process, each element is perfectly matched, and the jigsaw puzzle takes on a new meaning. It is not only a fun to assemble, but also a fascinating discovery of hidden details and meanings.

Thematic Puzzle - A Story in Colors

Thematic puzzles are our passion, which allows us to tell stories with colors and shapes. From picturesque landscapes to cute animals, our puzzles transport you to magical worlds and allow you to relax in a world of imagination.

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